Ready to make a Splash! Boulder Update

The BOCO Caps organization has taken a temporary hiatus.

But we are back and ready to re-engage!

In 2015, City of Boulder has completed their Aquatics Feasibility Study Plan – here.


  • A new natatorium is “visioned for Valmont Park” (i.e. COB heard the community’s desire for a natatorium, but funding is not in the currant CIP budget, nor will it be until COB Planners determine additional sources of funding).  It would  be Boulder’s sixth aquatic facility.
  • Good News: Improvements to Scott Carpenter and North Boulder Rec Center (NBRC) pools are in the CIP budget and progress has begun!

    (EBRC is in the CIP budget but will start later).

    • In the February, the COB Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) Agenda (here – note: meeting minutes are not on the web as of 08-29-16), Scott Carpenter Pool may morph into a facility that could be used for BVSD competitions:  “Scott Carpenter Aquatics Center Replacement $8 million in 2017-2018 – The project calls for demolition of the existing pool and bathhouse facilities that are over 60 years old and beyond their life cycle. It is recommended that the project be funded for $8 million to replace the facility with a new 10-lane outdoor pool, bathhouse and deepwater area. Funding is targeted for 2017 and 2018 with construction taking place in 2018 and opening in 2019. Some PRAB members indicated concern about the addition of water park features due to the potential waste of water and lack of meeting city sustainability goals [note from BOCO CAPS: they must not have small children]. It is recommended that these elements be further explored during conceptual design to take place in 2016 to determine potential of low water facilities. In addition, the department is working with Boulder Valley School District on the potential expansion of this facility for year round competition. Funding is not identified for these additional design elements.”
      • In the 22 August 2016 PRAB Agenda (here)

        Scott Carpenter Pool Concept Development: (page 8) …The goal of this phase of the project is to understand capital costs associated with replacement of the facility and also understand capital costs associated with opportunities to “build it better” by adding amenities that would meet community desires for increased outdoor leisure swimming, water play and potentially year-round lap swimming.The project team will share three draft concepts with the community at a future Open House. The community feedback will inform refined design plans and cost estimates that will be used to develop final designs and funding strategy for the pool’s replacement. The pool’s replacement is funded at a base level in the department’s 2017-2022 Capital Investment Program (CIP), approved by the PRAB earlier this year and scheduled to be approved by City Council in the third quarter. Additional amenities are unfunded in the current CIP.

        North Boulder Recreation Center Aquatics Facility Renovations (page 9)

      1. Staff issued a construction Request for Bid to complete renovations at the North Boulder Recreation Center (NBRC) in June of 2016. Due to a very competitive construction market, no qualified bids were received for this project. The scope of the original project included the following elements to refurbish the lap and leisure pool areas of the North Boulder Recreation Center (NBRC): Replacement of the leisure pool play equipment “Water-tainment” that is past its life-cycle; Installation of an Ultra-Violet sanitation system which will provide additional water sanitation and improve air and water quality; Replacement of defunct HVAC elements (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) serving the leisure pool; Replacement of steps to a ramp to increase safety at depth transition in the leisure pool; and Resurfacing of all concrete pool decks with an epoxy, texturized finish to increase safety.

        While no qualified bids to complete the full scope of work were received, the department will be moving forward with the replacement of the defunct HVAC unit during the August 2016 maintenance shutdown (see next item for more detail on this). The remaining work items are currently being planned to go out for another competitive bid in the fall of 2016 with work to occur over the next NBRC maintenance shut down in 2017.


  • For reasons that are not clearly communicated, improvements to the South Boulder Rec Center (SBRC) pool have been overlooked.
    • Previously BoCo CAPS representatives were told that improvements to SBRC would NOT beIncluded in the Aquatic Feasibility Study Plan because recommendations (and CIP budget earmarking) would be tied to the COB Recreation Facility Assessment!
    • Looking at COB PRAB Year Calendar Agendas (useful if they would be correct) this “Recreation Facility Assessment” was supposed to be addressed by PRAB in the November 2015, then got pushed out to the December 2015, the January 2016, and the February 2016 PRAB meetings.
    • There are ZERO PRAB records posted after February 2016 so we have alerted COB to this lapse and have requested the “Recreation Facility Assessment” be emailed.




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