Who are we?

  • The Bo Co CAPS is the “Coalition for Aquatic Programming and Sports” – a soon-to-be 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • We are a citizen’s advocacy group committed to Developing and Maintaining a publicly accessible aquatic natatorium in Boulder County.
  • We invite other groups, clubs, teams, coaches, communities and individuals to work with us to promote aquatic programming and sports in Boulder County .

What are CAPS’s objectives?

  • Our immediate objective is to work with the Boulder County and or Boulder Valley School District and or CU Boulder and  or Boulder County Municipalities to build and maintain a competitive aquatics natatorium to support current and future unmet programming and sports needs of the community.
  • CAPS has not committed to any particular location or approach at this point. We first need to become well informed and to work with stakeholders to develop a plan that is financially viable and sustainable.

Why should I become a CAPS supporter?

  • Currently, CAPS could have more than 2300 supporters if they knew about us.
  • Being a CAPS supporter does not cost nor does it obligate you to attend meetings.
  • CAPS distributes an occasional informative messages via email.  You can join our email list.  Make your voice count!

What can I do to help?

  • Volunteer opportunities vary from staffing a booth at the Farmers’ Market to helping with supporter services, communications, fundraising, or by making your presence known at City or County meetings. We will welcome your participation.



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