The One Year Plan

Ongoing: We Welcome Supporters!

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By December 2017:

  1. Identify and Meet with Interested Partners and assess level of interest
    • Potential Base Partners (BoCo, BVSD, YMCA of Boulder Valley, CU Boulder)
    • Business Alliances (hotels, restaurants, sport tourism, trophy shops and swim businesses)
    • Organizations (OceanFirst, BoCo BVSSL teams, synchronized swimming teams, water polo teams, local USA swim teams, triathlon training)
  2. Determine potential natatorium locations and assess pros and cons of each site
    • Large land donations adjacent to hotels welcome!
  3. Blog postings about local aquatics news
  4. Form a 5013c nonprofit corporation
    • Create a Volunteer Board of Directors and and Advisory Council – please indicate interest via email or contact form!
    • Seek Executive Committee support from Nation-wide aquatics leaders
  5. Build the pool first steps: Begin to launch a Capital Campaign to raise $20M for World Class Natatorium
  6. Maintain the pool first steps: Investigate creation of an Aquatics District TIF to meet natatorium maintenance needs

ONE YEAR GOAL:  Document status of steps above in a document.


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