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Ready to make a Splash! Boulder Update

The BOCO Caps organization has taken a temporary hiatus.

But we are back and ready to re-engage!

In 2015, City of Boulder has completed their Aquatics Feasibility Study Plan – here.


  • A new natatorium is “visioned for Valmont Park” (i.e. COB heard the community’s desire for a natatorium, but funding is not in the currant CIP budget, nor will it be until COB Planners determine additional sources of funding).  It would  be Boulder’s sixth aquatic facility.
  • Good News: Improvements to Scott Carpenter and North Boulder Rec Center (NBRC) pools are in the CIP budget and progress has begun! Continue reading

BoCo seeks public’s input on 2016 budget – Let’s give some!

The Daily Camera reported On October 5th that Boulder County residents can offer their own ideas about what programs, services and projects should be funded in next year’s budget in public hearings.

The current-year spending package the commissioners authorized to spend by December 31st to fund county services, programs and projects in 2015 is about $515.8M.

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To cook or not to cook? How to allocate $10M is the question.

In November 2014 BVSD voters approved a $576.5 million bond program that is based upon the recommendations and findings from Educational Facilities Master Plan.

One of the recommendations in the Educational Facilities Master Plan is to allocate ~$10M on a new central kitchen at the Education Center on Arapahoe.

While it is commendable that BVSD is being a leader and thinking out of the box in providing this level of infrastructure to healthily feed the more than 30,000 students it serves, without trying to malign a sacred Boulder cow, ten million dollars is a significant capital investment to provide a non-core service that could be provided by a team of local, businesses whose business and livelihood are based upon  providing healthy, nutritious, organic, locally-sourced food at a reasonable price.

This is a  controversial position to take in Boulder County, Colorado, home to the nationally known, renegade chef, Ann Cooper.

However, it might be prudent to rethink the assumptions and reaffirm the plan that went into earmarking significant BVSD capital funds to provide “from-scratch” school lunches.

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